Hi, I'm Dorii! But you can also call me by my "presidential name", Sydney Spidell. I am so thrilled to be Camp Kummoniwannago's new Camp Director and cannot wait to go on this journey with all of you. 2018 marks my sixth summer at Camp K, more if you count years as a camper, though I've also spent some years employed at other camps. Nothing comes close to the difference we make here at Camp K. I studied Drama at the University of Waterloo and spend my spare time singing to myself, writing down beautiful ideas, and hanging out with my cat, Berlioz.

This year with my trusty partner-in-shenanigans, Kumo, Camp K is going to keep soaring to new heights by getting lost in the world of imagination, weirdness, and play, all while experiencing and learning about the nature that surrounds us at Laurel Creek. I'm looking forward to hearing from you very soon and another summer will be upon us before we know it.  Bye for now!