Welcoming Our New Director!

Hello there! My name is Elena – but better known as “Melody” in these parts of town!  I couldn’t be more excited to be coming back to camp as your Director for the summer of 2019. This will be my 7th summer on staff, but my 11th Summer at Camp Kummoniwannago! While off at university, I spent a lot of my time in leadership positions with the specific role of creating strong teams of students and helping university students develop their leadership skills – so coming back to camp in this new position is something I really look forward to. I can’t wait to spend another amazing summer working outdoors with new and old faces at Camp K!

On another note, here are some fun facts about me:

1) I LOVE music and singing and can usually be caught dancing around to the music at camp! Occasionally, I may even bring my guitar out at camp and get some lunch-time jam sessions happening.

2) My favourite camp game is Ninja, because you’ve got to be sneaky and always on your toes! So much fun!!!

3) Back country camping, canoeing and hiking are my favourite summer activities! So, working outdoors all summer is a real treat. I’d love to hear all about your cottage and camping adventures too!! 

4) I’m taking Archaeology and History at Laurier.

Can’t wait to make some amazing memories and for all the smiles this summer!

See you in July and August! 


Breaking news - dorii's last summer

How bittersweet it is to announce that this will be my last summer at Camp Kummoniwannago. For ten years, I have spent my summers learning from children, nature, and inspired youth. I have been made ever more emboldened with each scrape, bruise, and tumble (and migraine). I have observed coworkers struggle with newfound responsibility and find their footing in the daily challenges that caring for 20 young people will inevitably bring up. I have been able to watch so many children grow and have been fortunate in that I now get to work with some of them. I have learned more about parenting than any book could ever teach me, more about management than any conference would ever show me, and more about compassion than I have seen in the wide world around me. I am beyond grateful for the gifts I have received from the world of camp, and am honoured to forever be a part of the family that is made at Camp Kummoniwannago. 

Armed with all these lessons and drained of much of my youthful energy, I feel it's time to pass the baton. I love this camp and the people that come with it. I am grateful for the support and friendship of previous directors, Panda and Popeye, and hope I have lived up to the legacy they have left. I've done what I can for Camp K - may it be enough for the next director to find their own challenges and not have to deal with mine!

I am constantly and continuously blown away by the compassion, weirdness, boldness, acceptance, positivity, integrity, and love that is widely and obviously shown by the Camp K community. The support of the Camp Committee, St Andrew's Church, the Camp Kummoniwannago Alumni, and the campers and their families is what makes this job so wonderful. I've never doubted that the visions we have for keeping Camp K the best day camp in the area would be realised. I look forward to becoming a part of that community of support and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for this wonderful place so close to home, that it is home. ><>o0O