2017 Summer Calendar

Registration is open as of February 1st, 2017

Those looking to register for the Inclusion Program MUST contact the office to register.

**Swimming each Tuesday will not take place at Kiwanis Park in 2017 as it will be closed for renovations. A replacement swimming location will be decided upon. 


Week 1 - July 3rd to 7th       Trip: Bingeman's       $200

Surf's Up, Dude!  - Join our fearless mascot Kumo and the rest of Camp K as we hit the waves and beach it up in the grooviest way possible. This week is going to be radical, dude! Hang Ten!

Week 2 - July 10th to 14th       Trip: Ripley's Aquarium       $225

Kumo's Day Off  - Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Week 3 - July 17th to 21st       Trip: Bowling (Critter)   Campout (Explorer)       $200

Wild Wild West  - Kumo's gone back in time to an era of gold mining, showdowns, and cowboys. Come along and see what adventures await on the new frontier.

Week 4 - July 24th to 28th       Trip: African Lion Safari       $225

Let it Snow!  - With winter only five months away, Kumo's ready to start trimming the tree! What would summer be without Christmas in July?

Week 5 - July 31st to August 4th       Trip: Earl Haig Family   Campout (Explorer)       $225                                                                             Fun Park (Critter)

Harry Potter and the Park Ranger  - Kumo has been waiting years for his Hogwarts acceptance letter. The time has arrived - which house will you be sorted into?

Week 6 - August 8th to 11th       Trip: Carnival! (At Camp)      $175

The King's Feast  - Messages have been sent throughout the land and Sir Kumo has been invited to a feast held in the honour of a king! They say there will be a great medieval faire with everything to delight the senses. Bring your capes and crowns and join in the fun!

Week 7 - August 14th to 18th       Trip: Toronto Zoo       $225

The Secret Life of Kumo  - What do Kumo and the rest of the creatures of Laurel Creek get up to when when campers aren't around? You'll have to come to find out.

Week 8 - August 21st to 25th       Trip: Movies (Critter)   Playdium (Explorer)       $225

Virtually Reality  - We've all played video games, but Kumo wants to go one step further and bring them to life! Level up with us on this wild ride.