2019 Summer Calendar

Registration is now open for 2019!

All Inclusion Program registrations (those who want a one-on-one worker for their child) must be made through the camp director - there will be no option to select Inclusion online. Registering online for a Critter or Explorer spot without contacting the office will not guarantee you an Inclusion Facilitator.

Week 1 - July 2nd to 5th (Short Week)    Trip:  Bingeman’s     $200

Theme: Camp ROCK!

Inclusion is full.

This week is all about sharing your talents! Bring your creative side to camp this week and get ready to express yourself as we explore music, dance, drama, art…or whatever makes you the most passionate!

Wacky Wednesday: Dress up as someone who inspires you.

Week 2 - July 8th to 12th       Trip:  Royal Ontario Museum     $265

**Extended trip. Campers to return to camp at 7pm on Thursday.

Theme: Ancient Olympians of Laurel Creek

Inclusion is full.

The Olympics have officially arrived this summer! We’ll take a blast to the past and explore the ancient Olympics of Laurel Creek. We’ll light the Olympic torch, and get ready for some fun competition with a chance to win the gold medal!

Wacky Wednesday: Dress up as someone from history!

Week 3 - July 15th to 19th       Trip: Bowling (Critter),   Campout (Explorer)       $250

Theme: Mystery on Hollywood Blvd

Inclusion is full.

Celebrities, including Kumo, are mysteriously going missing. The detectives have asked Camp K for their help – as they have a sneaking suspicion something is going on in Laurel Creek. Can you help solve the mystery?

Wacky Wednesday: Dress up as a celebrity!

Week 4 - July 22nd to 26th       Trip: African Lion Safari       $250

Theme: Around the World in 5 Days!

Explorer is full; Critter is full; Inclusion is full.

It’s time to board Kummoniwannago Express as we travel around the world together this week. Get ready to experience different games, and traditions from all across the globe!

Wacky Wednesday: Wear something from your culture, or something that represents YOU (your team uniform, dance costume etc.)!

Week 5 - July 29th to August 2nd       Trip: Carnival (On Site) $250

Theme: Kumo’s Spooktacular Adventure

Inclusion is full.

There’s a chill in the air as Halloween is making its way to Camp K! Kumo has never experienced Halloween and wants your help celebrating! Do we have what it takes to bring together a (not-so) spooky Halloween festival to Laurel Creek ?

Wacky Wednesday: Dress up in a Halloween costume!

Week 6 - August 6th to 9th (Short Week)       Trip: Earl Haig Family Fun Park(Critter), Campout (Explorer)      $200

Theme: Outdoor Survivalists!

Inclusion is full.

It’s lumberjacks vs hippies! Let’s get in touch with nature and spend the week exploring our “survival” skills and be outdoor adventurers.

Wacky Wednesday: Flora, Fauna; Hippies and Lumberjacks! Come dressed up as a forest dweller – human, plant or animal!

Week 7 - August 12th to 16th       Trip: Ontario Science Centre     $265

**Extended trip. Campers to return to camp at 7pm on Thursday.

Theme: To Infinity and Beyond!

Inclusion is full. Critter and Explorer are full.

Get ready to spot some aliens, cowboys, and astronauts around as we dive into the world of Toy Story this week, and take a trip to outer space!

Wacky Wednesday: Aliens, space explorers, or your favourite toy story character!

Week 8 - August 19th to 23rd       Trip: Movies (Critter), Playdium (Explorer)      $250

Theme: Knights, and Castles and Dragons, Oh My!

Explorer is full.

Fantasy and fairytales collide this week! We get transported to a fantastical medieval village as Laurel Creek has a spell cast upon it. Get ready to go on a real adventure filled with myths, magic, knights and princesses.

Wacky Wednesday: Dress up as a fantasy or fairytale character!