2018 Summer Calendar

Registration is open as of February 1st, 2018

All Inclusion registrations must be made through the office - there will be no option to select Inclusion online. Registering for a Critter or Explorer spot without contacting the office will not guarantee you an Inclusion Facilitator.

Week 1 - July 2nd to 6th       Trip: Bingeman's       $210

Inclusion Sold Out! Few spots left at Explorer!

The Lost City of Atlantis - Scientists have only discovered a portion of what lies beneath the sea, but Kumo is about to reveal some secrets. While scuba diving, he came across a great city, lost to time and tide. What will we learn from those who live there?

Week 2 - July 9th to 13th       Trip: Ripley's Aquarium       $235

Inclusion Sold Out! Few spots left at Critter! Explorer Sold Out!

Shipwrecked  - This is our island in the sun! Kumo's ship crashed onto a deserted island. With no one there except his basketball friend, Spalding, Kumo got up to some crazy things. We tried to rescue him, but instead Kumo showed us what fun an island can be!

Week 3 - July 16th to 20th       Trip: Bowling (Critter)   Campout (Explorer)       $210

Inclusion Sold Out! Critter Sold Out! Explorer Sold Out!

Flintstones vs Jetsons  - Pet dinosaurs or briefcase cars? Sand dollars or Bitcoin? Stone tools or digital devices? Things are heating up this week in a battle between past and future. What side will you be on?

Week 4 - July 23rd to 27th       Trip: African Lion Safari       $235

Inclusion Sold Out! Critter Sold Out! Few spots left at Explorer!

Melted!  - Kumo was all ready for his annual Christmas in July celebrations when something suddenly melted all the snow! Was it global warming or something more magical? Maybe you can help us find out and put an end to this blistering heat!

Week 5 - July 3oth to August 3rd       Trip: Earl Haig Family         Campout (Explorer)       $235                                                                         Fun Park (Critter)

Inclusion Sold Out! Explorer Sold Out!

The Inventor's Laboratory  - Kumo got a job as an assistant for a local inventor. He was expecting a DaVinci but wound up with a Frankenstein. Now, Kumo gets to learn from a brilliant but distracted inventor. Join Kumo on this wild ride and see what you can create with just a little bit of curiosity and a touch of madness.

Week 6 - August 7th to 10th       Trip: Carnival! (At Camp)      $185

Inclusion Sold Out! Few Spots Left at Explorer!

The Highland Games -  Welcome to the Highland Games! Many lads and lassies will try their hands at the competitions here, but who will come out on top? If competition isn't your thing, there will still be food and sport and merrymaking - a little something for everyone! Kumo can't wait to share the wonder of Scotland with all o' ye. 

Week 7 - August 13th to 17th       Trip: Crawford Lake       $235

Inclusion Sold Out! Few Spots Left at Critter! Few Spots Left at Explorer!

Tradition - Camp Kummoniwannago has been around for 24 summers and with that come many traditions and customs that make up our Camp K heritage. This week we will make some old traditions new, and explore the traditions of the land around us. Kumo can't wait!

Week 8 - August 20th to 24th       Trip: Movies (Critter)   Playdium (Explorer)       $235

Inclusion Sold Out! Explorer Sold Out!

Storytellers - Stories have a way of bringing everyone together. Who can forget the magic of the Legend of Kumowulf? Or the tales of what awakens in Laurel Creek after the sun goes down? What do we really know about the turkeys that roam the grounds? Come, sit by the fire, and hear the lore - the stories that will be told for generations to come.