Leaders in Training (LIt 1 and LIT 2)

The LIT I program is designed for 14-year-olds and offers an introduction to leadership techniques and Camp Counselling. LIT I’s will take place in a variety of activities that will enhance their leadership abilities. Day to day activities include workshops lead by LIT coordinator and other Sr Staff at camp, hands on experiences with campers during their activities and lots of games and activities within the LIT group to improve their communication skills. There are 2, two-week sessions available to choose from at a cost of $250, t-shirt included.

Session 1: July 10th - July 21st

Session 2:  August 8th - 18th 

The LIT II program is intended for 15-year-olds who have either completed the LIT I program or are eager to improve their leadership skills within a camp environment. The LIT II program is an extensive program that focuses on counselling techniques, and offers the participants more time in counselling groups and working together with the Camp K staff. There are two, four-week session available at a cost of $400, t-shirt included.

Session 1: July 3rd - July 28th
Session 2: July 31st - August 25th 

The LIT program is designed for youth who are very interested in working with children and who would like to get the experience working in a day camp. LIT's are required to do tasks assigned to them by the LIT Coordinator as well as the Directors and Counsellors.

After the completion of these LIT programs, youth are then eligible to apply for a Counsellor in Training position at Camp K. Not all candidates are guaranteed a position, however we prefer to hire within our LIT graduates.