Critter Staff 2019



ROOK: A creature who enjoys puns a little too much and has a vast knowledge of movies. He's been at Camp K for now his 4th year and loves to sing and dance to camp songs with campers. Known for his high energy and crazy nature but is super friendly and always welcoming to new faces. He is coming back as the Critter Program Assistant.



Her second year on staff, FLOUNDER is a Critter Counsellor with a great love for camp (and the game “speed”). She enjoys camp wides, Mafia, and Morning Circle and is always happy to play games with campers! She loves making new friendships and giving (side)hugs and she looks forward to seeing you at Camp this year!



I'm ECHO, and this is my third summer working at Camp K. I love the outdoors, biking, hiking and reading. I enjoy campfire songs and although I've been to the African Lion Safari 11 times, it's still my favorite trip! I'm also excited to be back at camp after a year long hiatus.



Hi I’m TUMBLEZ, and I’m so excited to be working at Camp K this year! I love dance and track and field and can’t wait to be a junior counsellor for the summer! I’m looking forward to campfires, trips, and making so many new friends. Can’t wait to have an amazing summer with everyone!



Hi. I'm GROVER. I have spent many summers at Camp K and am very excited to be joining the staff this year as a junior counsellor. My hobbies include biking, playing football, video games and most importantly, eating. I'm looking forward trips, campfires, games and having fun with all the campers. It’s going to be a great summer.



Hey I’m BUTTERCUP! This is my first year working at Camp Kummoniwannago and I’m super excited! I love soccer and my favourite camp activities are water games and campfires. I’m also super excited to be spending this summer as a junior counselor and can’t wait for all the fun to come!



Hi I’m GADGET! I have been a camper at Camp K every summer since I was 5 and I always knew that I wanted to be a counsellor some day. And wow time really has flown by! I’m super excited for my first year on staff as a Junior Counsellor and I hope to help create that magical feeling for the campers that I experienced every summer as a kid!



I’m TESLA, I play Ball hockey, Football, Curling, and Rugby. I enjoy sports, fishing, and woodworking. I have been going to camp since I was 5. I love camp because I get to be apart of making memorable life-lasting memories for the kids.



Hi I’m JERSEY and I am a critter counsellor! I love soccer, singing and spending time with my friends. This will be my second summer at camp and I can’t wait to spend time with the kids again!



ASTRO: Someone who enjoys eating, dancing, and, most importantly, singing camp songs as loud as he can. This year will be his fourth year at camp, and he can't wait to get back to making as much fun as possible for the camper's. He is looking forward to meeting any new faces coming to camp this year, as well as welcoming back all the campers he already knows!



Hey, I’m FLAYRE! I’ve been at Camp K for a while now, but this will be my first year working on staff! Some of my favourite things to do are dance in the rain, sing camp songs loud and proud, and make snacks by the campfire! I’m so excited to spend the summer as a Junior Counsellor and I can’t wait to make new friends, go on the fun trips, and have the best summer yet!



Hi I'm TONX and I'm so excited to be part of the Camp K team! I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd and love animals, theater and burritos! Can't wait to meet everyone this summer!!



Hi my name is FLUREE! this is my second year as a critter counsellor and and my 11th year being a camper! I love to goof around and make people laugh! My favourite camp activities are campwide and dramarama! I’m so excited to meet new campers and looking forward to having an awesome summer!



Hi I’m MOOSHU, this will be my first year at camp K. I love volleyball, arts, being with friends and family and more! I am super excited to experience camp activities with new people, create memories and meet new friends!