What is Camp K?

Since 1995, Camp Kummoniwannago has hosted a Day Camp at Laurel Creek Conservation Area in Waterloo. Camp K hosts 3 programs; Critter (ages 5 - 9), Explorer (ages 10 - 13) as well as Leadership programs (ages 14 - 15). Each week, different exciting theme based program activities are incorporated into the beautiful outdoor setting along with different swim and out of town trips.

Our Mission

Camp Kummoniwannago welcomes, with open arms, all children to flourish as individuals and as a team, regardless of ability, to a fun outdoor experience in God's natural environment, providing a deep love and respect of the earth. We do this by showing respect for each other, providing opportunities for friendship, fellowship, and belonging, leading to a sense of community and fostering a shared experience.

Map of Camp K

Map of Camp K

“Time is a game played beautifully by children.”
— Roald Dahl