Senior Staff 2019

Critter Program Coordinator


Hi! My name is Chipj (the “J” is silent), otherwise known as Natalie. I am thrilled to be back for my fourth summer with Camp K! This year I will be returning as the Critter Program Coordinator and I am so excited!
Some facts about me:
1. I have an Honours BSc in Kinesiology and Physical Education from Wilfrid Laurier University.
2. I’m currently completing my Bachelor of Education at WLU to fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher.
3. My favourite camp song is the Penguin Dance!
4. I love to sing and dance to the “Under the Shelter” song… I hope you’ll all join me this summer!
I love Camp K and can’t wait to explore nature, be creative, make friends and create new memories. See you in July, Camp K!

Explorer Program Coordinator


Hi, Hello there! My professional name is Casey, but you all probably know me better as Nautica, Nauts or even Nautercuurrrrrr. Whatever floats your boat is fine with me! I am so excited to be the Explorer Coordinator this summer as Expo is (in my opinion) the best place to spend the summer! Any who, here’s some exciting facts about me… This will be my third summer at Camp K and as a matter of fact, my third summer at Explorer! I spent the summer of 2017 as the canoeing counsellor, and the summer of 2018 as the Explorer program assistant, assisting my best bud Sizzler whenever I could!  

I spend most of my time during the colder non-camp months as a 4th year student at Wilfrid Laurier University, I am wrapping up my undergraduate degree in History this semester! History (as some of you may know) is a topic I love to talk to about, and am truly passionate about! So please feel free to tell me a fun history fact, or a cool historical topic that you would like to discuss, if you are also interested in it! I am also so excited to announce that I’ll be starting my Bachelor of Education in the fall as I hope to become a teacher! 

Words cannot describe how excited I am to spend another exciting summer at Explorer!! I hope I can do you all proud as your coordinator this summer! I can’t wait to meet some new friends and see some of my favourite familiar faces at Explorer!  I am so excited to catch y’all in the sunshine at Laurel Creek! 

Warm wishes and the best of luck to everyone wrapping up the school year, 

-Casey/ Nautica 

Leader in Training/Junior Counsellor Coordinator

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Heyo, I’m Finn or known around camp as Ember and I am excited to be the LIT and JC Coordinator this summer. I have a talent for starting campfires in the rain and my favourite movie is Space Jam. I went to school to become a Firefighter and you’ll rarely see me around camp without a hat on. My favourite camp activity is survival.

Inclusion Coordinator


Hi everyone! My name is Giselle, but better known as Vertigo around Camp Kummoniwannago! I have spent the last 4 summers at Camp K and I am super excited to be the Inclusion Coordinator this summer.

To get to know me better you should know that...

1. My favourite activity at Camp K is campfire. Nothing better than songs and snacks around the fire with your friends!

2. I am a student at Laurier studying sociology and women studies 

3. I have a dog named Milo, he's a shih tzu and he has a lot of energy

4. I speak can test me this summer

Can't wait to get to know all of you this summer!