2017 Summer Calendar

Registration is open as of February 1st, 2017

All Inclusion spots have been filled for the summer. Please call the Camp Director if you have any further questions.

**Swimming each Tuesday will not take place at Kiwanis Park in 2017 as it will be closed for renovations. A replacement swimming location will be decided upon. 


Week 1 - July 3rd to 7th       Trip: Bingeman's       $200

Few Spaces Left at Critter! Few Spaces Left at Explorer!

Surf's Up, Dude!  - Join our fearless mascot Kumo and the rest of Camp K as we hit the waves and beach it up in the grooviest way possible. This week is going to be radical, dude! Hang Ten!

Week 2 - July 10th to 14th       Trip: Ripley's Aquarium       $225

Few Spaces Left at Critter! Few Spaces Left at Explorer!

Kumo's Day Off  - Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Week 3 - July 17th to 21st       Trip: Bowling (Critter)   Campout (Explorer)       $200

Few Spaces Left at Critter! Explorer SOLD OUT!

Wild Wild West  - Kumo's gone back in time to an era of gold mining, showdowns, and cowboys. Come along and see what adventures await on the new frontier.

Week 4 - July 24th to 28th       Trip: African Lion Safari       $225

Critter SOLD OUT!

Let it Snow!  - With winter only five months away, Kumo's ready to start trimming the tree! What would summer be without Christmas in July?

Week 5 - July 31st to August 4th       Trip: Earl Haig Family         Campout (Explorer)       $225                                                                          Fun Park (Critter)

Explorer SOLD OUT!

Harry Potter and the Park Ranger  - Kumo has been waiting years for his Hogwarts acceptance letter. The time has arrived - which house will you be sorted into?

Week 6 - August 8th to 11th       Trip: Carnival! (At Camp)      $175

The King's Feast  - Messages have been sent throughout the land and Sir Kumo has been invited to a feast held in the honour of a king! They say there will be a great medieval faire with everything to delight the senses. Bring your capes and crowns and join in the fun!

Week 7 - August 14th to 18th       Trip: Toronto Zoo       $225

Few Spaces Left at Critter! Few Spaces Left at Explorer!

The Secret Life of Kumo  - What do Kumo and the rest of the creatures of Laurel Creek get up to when when campers aren't around? You'll have to come to find out.

Week 8 - August 21st to 25th       Trip: Movies (Critter)   Playdium (Explorer)       $225

Explorer SOLD OUT!

Virtually Reality  - We've all played video games, but Kumo wants to go one step further and bring them to life! Level up with us on this wild ride.