Leadership Team 2018



Natalie Pfaff.jpg

Hi! My name is Chipj (the “J” is silent), otherwise known as Natalie. I am thrilled to be the Critter Program Coordinator for my third summer with Camp K! Previously, I have been a Critter Counsellor and the LIT/CIT Coordinator. I have plenty of experience both attending and working at various camps and programs and I am eager to bring everything I have learned to this position. This June, I will be graduating from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours BSc in Kinesiology and Physical Education and in September I will be back at WLU beginning my Bachelor of Education. I love Camp K and can’t wait to explore nature, be creative, make friends and create new memories. See you in July, Camp K!



GGGGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDD MORNING/AFTERNOON/EVENING CAMPK!! For those who don’t know me, my name is Sizzler Bacon Esquire III and I’ll be the Explorer Program Coordinator for the 2018! This will be my third year at camp, returning after a two year period, where I busy napping on planet Bacon. I am currently in my third of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Guelph with the hope that I’ll graduate in two years. In my spare time, I’m usually reading a good book, going on a run or attending various church activities.
I’m very excited to be a part of Camp K this summer and am looking forward to a summer full of trying of new activities, loads of fun games and meeting all the campers this summer. 
See you at Camp!
Sizzler Bacon Esquire III


Dylan Jardin.png

Hey friends! My name is Dylan (in the real world), also known as Dimplez (by all you campers). Last summer I had such a blast at camp as the Inclusion Coordinator that I decided I need to make a return this summer and I am soo excited about it! For any of our new camp friends here is a bit about me...

  • I am in kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, hoping to go into a medical profession
  • My newest fruit obsession is raspberries
  • I am always smiling (hence the name Dimplez)
  • Some people know me and my cool pal Chipj by the name Chimplez (we both respond to this name) 
  • My favourite camp activity is paint fight
  • If I am not at camp you will probably find me on a sandy beach somewhere hot

I am so exited to see all of your beautiful faces in just a few short months! I am really looking forward to the new opportunities and adventures that camp will bring this summer. For all you returning campers, welcome back and for all you new campers, Welcome to Camp Kummoniwannago!! 



Elena Amariucai.png

Hello there! My name is Elena (ell-LENN-ah) – but better known as “Melody” in these parts of town!  I couldn’t be more excited to be coming back to camp as your LIT/ CIT Coordinator for Summer 2018. This will be my 6th summer on staff, but my 10th summer at Camp Kummoniwannago! While off at university I spent a lot of my time in leadership positions with the specific role of creating strong teams of students and helping university students develop their leadership skills– so coming back to camp in this new position is something I really look forward to. I can’t wait to work with new and old faces this summer and see you grow as people and leaders over the weeks!

 On another note, here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I LOVE music and singing and can usually be caught dancing around to the music at camp! Occasionally I may even bring my guitar out at camp and get some lunch-time jam sessions happening.  
  2. My favourite camp game is Ninja, because you’ve got to be sneaky and always on your toes! So much fun!!!
  3.  Back country camping, canoeing and hiking are my favourite summer activities! So, working outdoors all summer is a real treat. I’d love to hear all about your cottage and camping adventures too!! 
  4.  I’m taking Archaeology and History at Laurier.

 Can’t wait to make some amazing memories and for all the smiles this summer!

See you in July and August!