10 Fun Things to do on a Hot Summer Day When it is Raining Outside

Summertime in Canada is an amazing season for outdoors and sun-lovers alike. Between the plethora of placid lakes, winding trails, sharp mountains, quiet meadows, bustling beaches and unknown woods, we have no excuse to stay indoors during the months of July and August. The summer days feel like a never-ending fairytale, except for when mother nature unleashes her fury and opens the floodgates of the sky, allowing the rain to pour down and ruin our perfect days. The miserable weather always comes haphazardly and shockingly, with the power to ruin our plans for the day. So what can we do when we no longer can benefit from the sun and her renowned rays? Here is a list of ten ways that you, your friends, and your family can stay entertained on those rainy, summer days.

1.       Build a storm shelter in your living room. Break apart the pieces of your living room, collect your building materials and dust off your old work boots, because it is time to build the best fort ever in your living room. How tall can you make your fort? How many rooms can you make in your fort? What purpose will it serve? Is it a storm shelter? Is it a fortress? The opportunities are endless if you vividly harness your imagination.  

2.       Brush the layer of dust off your board game collection. Board games are an activity that get pushed to the back burner when the sun is out and shining. They tend to be reserved for cold winter nights by the fireplace with a cup of warm tea or hot chocolate. But why not replicate this wintry scenario when the weather is less than optimal? Grab your favourite board games, such as Cranium, get a group of pals and let the good times roll! Our list of favourite games include: Monopoly, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Uno, Mouse Trap, Game of Life, Connect Four, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan and many, many more.

3.       Watch your favourite old TV shows. We all have games and TV shows that remind us of our childhood, so why not benefit from the feelings of nostalgia that inevitably come with thunderstorms and reminisce on the good ol' days? Some of the staff's favourite throwback shows and movies are: Friends, Lizzy McGuire, Kim Possible, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, That's so Raven, Saved by the Bell, the Breakfast club, Rugrats, Arthur, and Recess.

4.       Start an air band with a gaggle of friends. All kids dream of being a superstar up on stage performing in front of a crowd of a cheering crowd of people. In fact, some people continue to dream of this even into adulthood! We are all guilty of craving some form of recognition and attention, or even fame, so what better way to capitalize on this fantasy than to act it out with a group of friends on a rainy afternoon? Find some materials to build your instruments, pick your favourite artists and friends and put on a wonderful show for your family and friends. It may not be an audience of a thousand people, but the applause from your loved ones is sure to make you feel like a superstar!

5.       Play "Dodge the raindrops" in your backyard. If you're courageous enough, you can head outside to your neighbourhood park or backyard and play a goofy and seemingly impossible game of "dodge the raindrops". Put on your bathing suit, take out a towel and get ready to get soaked! There are so many different creative ways to change up the game: pretend that you are spies and that the rain drops are laser beams falling from the sky; pretend that the raindrops are rays of radiation and that you must dodge them in order to not join the ranks of the zombie army; pretend that the rain drops are balls of fire coming from the enemies' battle ship- whatever scenario you choose, the possibilities are endless and the fun is limitless!

6.       Create as many costumes as possible using only non-clothing materials in your house. It may sound difficult, but if you use your imagination you would be surprised at the amount of creative combinations that you can come up with. There are a few different variations that can be added to this game. The first is that you can add a time constraint. How many different costumes can you come up with in five minutes? The second is to replicate characters from books, movies and TV shows. How realistically can you imitate the look of your favourite character? For the third variation, you can add another dimension of difficulty. You can complete any of the two previous challenges, however the items have an "expiration" after each use. Therefore, you cannot use the same material twice.

7.       Write a joint story with your friends or siblings. A joint story is a combination of multiple participant's different thoughts, put cohesively into a story. Each person has the opportunity to become an imaginative author and contribute equally to the creation of a funky story. In a joint story, the first person sets the scene with the first sentence. Subsequently, the next people add on one complete sentence. There are no rules as to what can be added on to the story, other than that nobody has the right to end the story. You must always keep adding more dimensions to the story until the story line has completely changed!

8.       Look through your old childhood photos. Pull out your old photo albums, whether printed or digital, and take a moment to reminisce on your childhood. Admire your own cuteness and put yourself back into the feelings of those moments. Cameras and video cameras have provided us with a method to take visual reminders of our past moments. Rainy days are a great time to benefit from our technological advances and absorb the sweetness of our memories once past!

9.       Have a card game tournament. Grab your deck of cards and a buddy, and start an epic battle card game tournament to declare who the grand-champion-ultimate-winner-of-all-time will be! After rounds upon rounds of playing cards, the winner can be declared before moving onto the next round of games. Some of our most popular card games at Camp K include: Speed, Crazy Eights, Spoons, President, War, and Go Fish.

10.   Sing your silliest songs about the rain. If none of these options satisfy your desires for your rainy afternoon, you can resort to the age old classic rainy activity: singing rainy songs! A few of the classics include Mr. Sun, You are my sunshine, It's raining, it's pouring, and If all the rain drops were candy drops and gum drops. These songs will make the time pass more quickly and who knows, maybe they will even help to cast the rain away!